My Story.


I am a West Coast mama of three (four if you count our beautiful fur baby – Stella) with a passion for health and wellness. With an architectural / design background, I always had a love to create, design and travel. I was also very passionate about food, and very conscious about what was in it – and food coloring was my biggest pet peeve! I couldn’t understand why someone would eat something that had all these colorful chemicals in them…until I had kids that is!

One day, my daughter asked me to make a rainbow cake…So I started to juice beets, carrots, spinach…but it didn’t quite work out. So I went on the hunt to find a natural alternate. After doing some digging I stumbled across pink pitaya, blue spirulina and butterfly pea powder. I became obsessed with the beautiful colors of nature and started to create! Blue waffles, pink and green ice-cream, purple smoothies! Not only did it look amazing, it was also delicious and packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. My kids were also amazed with the creations and it didn’t take much effort to get them to eat real healthy food! I understood that creating and designing was my passion…but not through the eyes of a designer…

I wanted these amazing powders to be available for everyone and for people to see that you don’t need artificial colors to create. I wanted kids to learn that natural foods are the way to go, and I wanted to teach the world to come back to the original roots of nature!  

Rooted Essentials was created.

At Rooted, we believe that natural is best and look for alternates to artificial food coloring. We have put together a range of natural fruit and vegetable powders that can be used for this purpose!

 Add them to your smoothies, shakes, nice-cream, cakes, baking, and cooking! Color your noodles and rice with fruits and vegetables! Our fruit and vegetable powders have a very neutral flavor and adding them to your foods will  not alter the taste.

We make sure that our products are of the highest quality. They are natural, vegan and non GMO.

Our latte blends have a more aromatic flavor than our fruit and vegetable powders. These blends can be also used in baking and deserts or simply as a latte drink!